Rob has worked with Australian artists and international artists as a Music Producer/ Guitarist/ Drummer/ Songwriter

“As a guy who has played with some of the best, I needed ‘the’ drummer; one who has the whole bag of tricks as well as serious road and studio experience. Rob Grosser is that drummer…simply one of the best!” …Grant Walmsley (Sreaming Jets. Agents of Peace)

Won Blues Performer of The year 2011-2012 to complete in Memphis 2011  (Dr Dons Double Dose with Don Hopkins)Studied Clasical Perc at Sydney Con- Won 4 scholarships in 4 years. Played at Opera House with Syd Con, Willoughy Con
Won an ARIA- for co-wite song with Joy Smithers feat on You Always Got the Blues –Wendy Mathews/Kate Cebrano (Mini TVE Series “STRINGER”)
Recorded with producer Kim Fowley- Kiss, Runaways)
Nominated for Producer Of The Year 2008 “The Chain Awards” for the CD “River City Blues” by Tm Gaze & Rob Grosser.
Has played/recorded with members from Rose tattoo,Ozzy Osbourne, Garry Moore, WhiteSnake, Deep Purple, Sting, Van Morrison, Dig, The Angels., GangaJang, The Bondi Cigars, Crowded House, Split Enz,


15th May.

The album by ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM ("THE FINN") is currently number 7 on the Australian Blues & Roots Charts



Out Through  Bombora Records   Bombora Records

New album Elephant In The Room out now through Bombora Records. An instrumental surf album that Rob plays Guitar/ drums as well as producing it at his "DisgraceLands Studio".
The album also features Australias' best session players such as Illya Szwec- guitar. bass. Clayton Doley- Keyboards. Tim Gaze-Guitar. Don Hopkins- Keyboards. Chris Turner- Guitar. and the late Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo) on Bass



A lot of musicians tell me that some people have all the luck when get breaks in the industry. I reply by telling them that the harder you work the luckier you get.
I really do not think that people have any success without anywork.
A story I heard when was in New York a few years ago was that a music producer for movies received a cd of an artist doing Rap music, the producer did not like this style of music and stated he really detestedthis musicand threw the cd in the waste bin. A few minutes later he received a phone call from a film company that stated that they needed some Rap music for their latest movie venture. The producer immediately said that he had the received the perfect Rap music for the movie as he lent over to retrieve the cd from the waste bin. The artists music ended on the movie.
A lot of students then tell me how lucky can a person get but they have not thought about the fact that the artist had to write the song/s(which could have taken years, (or 5 minutes) The artist had to get the right software, computer, etc as well as maybe finding other artists/producer to put the recording together. The artist may have done all the work meaning he would have to spend a considerable amount of time learning his craft of writing, recording, mixing, mastering etc or looking for the right people to do this for him/her. All of this would have cost the person a considerable amount of time, effort and money.
On top of that the artist would have to get the Cds manufactured/ burnt, covers, artwork, photos and do research to find out what recording, publishing, agents etc to send the press kit to. The postage combined with the effort made would take a lot of time and money. Hence, “THE HARDER YOU WORK THE LUCKIER YOU GET”
Another story is about belief and perserverance, a musician friend of mine who is in a well known band (who shall remain nameless) was signed to an international publishing company as a songwriter. He had written a new song and decided to take it into the company. He played it to the head of the company, the A&R person, in a small room on a small Cd player.
There company stated that they did not like the song which did not worry my friend he just took their comments about how bad the song was on the chin.
6 months later he took the same song, same cd, same small room, same people and played the song again. This time the companies reaction was different, they loved the song apparently thought it was the best thing that my friend had written.
The only difference was time, and the fact my friend had belief and perservance . Most people would give up once they get a rejection form someone about their music, song etc. The problem is people who might hear your musicmay be affected by things that have happened to them during that day/week etc. This may reflect on your art and the act/band may be rejected by the radio, Rec Comp, etc.
An artist has to have belief and perseverance to really get somewhere besides doing a lot of hard work.
An artist has to work at his/her craft, practicing, learning the business, promotion, playing , learning what skins, sticks, cymbals etc to use for certain styles, learning to read and playing all types of gigs. The artists also has toprofessional attitude, being on time, not being influenced by alcohol or drugs, doing the gig with little or no complaints.


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Radio interview with Rob for new Surf instrumental cd "Elephant In The Room" With Carol Duncan & Mark Tinson. SURF MUSIC SPECIAL